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The Brut Cava Real de Aragon comes directly imported from the historic landmarks of the kingdom of Aragon from Spain’s old days. More specifically from their underground sparkling wine cellars at the legendary vineyards of The Langa. Expert leaders of Aragon’s and Catalunyas cava. There are no better cavas on those lands than the ones produced by Bodegas Langa.

One of the best sparkling wines that come out from spanish borders, without a doubt. Professionals have rated this cava with notes up to 95 points over a 100 points escale. And, seriously, on this range of price   you will most def ain’t find better cava than this one. Real de Aragon Brut. Amazingly good.

It’s colour is like the one of the white gold, just like a liquid jewel, without a doubt. It’s flavour is light, very light. But that is not bad, that is good. It turns out to be very soft in the mouth, very mellow and surprisingly good in taste. You should beware with this cave, since its flavour is so light and at the same time so good, most likely you might come to the point where you end up dizzy. Its so good and refreshing, also, soft tasting, that you will end up not being able to tell when you had enough. It just goes along as an amazing white fruit natural juice. So sweet and delicious you will get drunk without even noticing it. Believe me.

Serve extremely cold. All cavas should be so, but this one in particular much more. Enjoy.