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Mallorca – tourism promotion video



Today I am here to show you one of the most amazing videos I have found on the net about Majorca Island. Filmed officially by the Balearic tourism office, it shows the most amazing parts of the island. And the best thing is that they are all real. No special effects, no tricks, no make up at all (well, the one used for that marvelous bikini babe highlighted at the end of the video, tight!)

It is the best video of Majorca, absolutely the best one for those who only think of Majorca like some warm place to come in summer for a week and get wasted all night long, and all day long resting in the beach, still wasted. Yes, we have a lot of beautiful beaches, but c’mon, Majorca is not only about laying down in the beach until your skin looks like the one of a crab.

The video shows us how we can enjoy Majorca much more than having our coloured wristband from the Hotel where we get free and cheap as hell buzz. The video is divided in four parts, two of wich we are going to speak @ this article. Nature, the first of them. Explore trekking in Mallorca, beautiful places we’ve got. Explore cycling too, use the road or go off road with a Mountain Bike. Go to the Mallorca mountains in the interior, don’t forget to check out the amazing Sierra de Tramuntana. Even go scuba diving in our beaches, North, East or West, it doesn’t matter wich one of them you choose, because all of them are amazingly beautiful, from the outside, and from the inside deep down the water.