Pollença Beaches

– Beach of Cala Pi de la Posada:
Or perhaps you have heard the name as La Playa de Formentor. Nickname given ‘because’ the incredible luxury hotel with the same name, the Hotel de Formentor. That, incidentally, recommended if you want a hotel and do not come to the island with mode lowcost enabled. Beware with establishments near the beach, see bars, cafes and restaurants. Look closely before the prices or you will get surprised of the prices of 3 Coke’s. Many places have prices to match the hotel. Find the bars “for normal people” (or pockets). If you like surfing (or if you like but have never been able to practice or thought that you would not be able to stay afloat) have the opportunity now to do with the surf school that you will find in Cala Pi. For all levels.

Beach of Cala Pi de la Posada

– Beach of Pollença
If you want to relax and get lost taking walks along beaches that seem to never end, the beach of Pollença is the best recommendation I can give you for your holiday in Mallorca. During the day is usually filled with people confirming my recommendation, but it’s still 100% enjoyable. When everyone leaves at night, when there are only maybe 2 couples strolling and 4 golden fishing fishermen, that’s when the beach becomes especially magical. Miles of sand and the sound of the sea just for you. A romantic stroll, alone or with someone.

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