Visit the Palma Cathedral

List of things to do in Mallorca, free things to do.

Today we have got something very special, a list of free things to do in Mallorca, yeah you have heard right! Absolutely free things to do in Mallorca and actually enjoy them.

1. Visit the Palma Cathedral

Okay, maybe not the most amazing thing to do if you are a youngster or part of the satanic church back in England, but hey, it is still free and it is still an amazing thing to check out with your eyes. It is an amazing building, and even if you are a weird gothic you should check it out, since the church is build in gothic styles anyways.

 Visit the Palma Cathedral

2. Walk around the center of the city

And Old town Palma is beautiful, it looks like certain streets from the old victorian London days. Don’t forget to bring a camera and also a map, or you will get lost inside the creepy streets of old town Palma.

3. Mallorca beach at night

Because the beach is not only a day thing. Walking through the cold sand at night is a beautiful experience. You, the moon, and hopefully someone you love by your side. And if you are alone, don’t worry, you will maybe find a few people practicing dogging in Mallorca at night.

4. Eat for free in a supermarket

And I don’t mean go to those who might have a stand with a free food demo, but just go inside any of them, open a chocolate bar, eat it, leave it, or keep it. If you are foreigner nobody will bother in reporting you to the police, even if they catch you.

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