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Market of Sineu

Markets of Mallorca, Sineu

Sincerely for coming to Mallorca either in first class with Lufthansa, having your rented mercedes  waiting for your in the Airport to go to your farm or villa in Mallorca for later in the afternoon play your first game of golf. Or be the guy that search in Internet for a cheap flights from Germany to Mallorca and on arrival you get on a bus to the Arenal and do not leave there until they have to take you to the hospital for an overdose of sangria and cheap beer…  Either the kind of tourist you are, come to the island and not visit one of the famous traditional markets, is a sin.
Is the same that go to Tokyo and not bother to visit their most characteristic streets or places, or like going to Paris and yes, see the Eiffel Tower but not bothering to find out what “truly Parisian” right? I mean, yes, the Eiffel is ok, but is not even truly French.
So please, make them yourselves a favor and when you are in Mallorca VISIT the typical Mallorcan markets.
The Sineu Market, that you will not only enjoyfor its culture, shopping, and photography, you will also enjoy the small things, and that is the only market that still in Mallorca that offers the sale of live animals. And although it is more likely that these end up brutally slaughtered to become baked chicken, your children wouldn’t know. And the only thing that they will do is thank you for take them to a place where, while you looked and bought, was not the first time they were bored (touching the animals).
You will also enjoy the traditional shoes of Mallorca, Mallorca’s famous handbags those that appear to be made of “straw”, handwoven clothing, and all kinds of prepared foods for snacks there or to take home as souvenirs, from olives, sausages, sweet buns, wine … Every Wednesday.