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Pollença Beaches

– Beach of Cala Pi de la Posada:
Or perhaps you have heard the name as La Playa de Formentor. Nickname given ‘because’ the incredible luxury hotel with the same name, the Hotel de Formentor. That, incidentally, recommended if you want a hotel and do not come to the island with mode lowcost enabled. Beware with establishments near the beach, see bars, cafes and restaurants. Look closely before the prices or you will get surprised of the prices of 3 Coke’s. Many places have prices to match the hotel. Find the bars “for normal people” (or pockets). If you like surfing (or if you like but have never been able to practice or thought that you would not be able to stay afloat) have the opportunity now to do with the surf school that you will find in Cala Pi. For all levels.

Beach of Cala Pi de la Posada

– Beach of Pollença
If you want to relax and get lost taking walks along beaches that seem to never end, the beach of Pollença is the best recommendation I can give you for your holiday in Mallorca. During the day is usually filled with people confirming my recommendation, but it’s still 100% enjoyable. When everyone leaves at night, when there are only maybe 2 couples strolling and 4 golden fishing fishermen, that’s when the beach becomes especially magical. Miles of sand and the sound of the sea just for you. A romantic stroll, alone or with someone.

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Cala Tuent

Cala Tuent Mallorca

Also, in the north of the island you will find another of the best beaches in Mallorca. This time the recommended beach is called Cala Tuent. Famous for its beach just by the nature that surrounds this. Surrounded by native vegetation, if, in addition to you holiday in Mallorca is an adventure besides bathing, beach and sun, Cala Tuent is of your best options in the island.
After enjoying the blue and green waters of this cove, do not dry them with the towel and just go walk to either side without any impediment and start your small hiking trail for Mallorca.
In addition, the beach is very close to the most famous still SaCalobra, and Pareis Torrent, this latter area preferred by all practitioners of hiking in Mallorca.

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The bay of Cala Tuent is also ideal for diving. Do not worry, i do not speak of diving that requires money, equipment, experience, or have a good physique to not look ridicule sheathed in neoprene, but do not forget to buy a simple mask/goggles in any sport shop . A few meters from the shore you’ll enjoy an incredible underwater views without having to “dive” for real.

Many small of boats are arriving from all parts of the island to enjoy a summer day at Cala Tuent, many of them from the beautiful port of Soller (do not forget to visit)
This beach of Mallorca also has its own restaurant tucked into the tops of the surrounding hills.


Cala Major

Cala Major beach handicapped disabled access beach in Mallorca wheelchair free.

The Cala Major beach in Mallorca is one of those 64 beaches listed on the handicap disabled beaches in Mallorca, or at least friendly for those who are per example in need of a wheelchair in Mallorca. Beaches that are available to access with a wheelchair.

It is a shame that still nowadays not all beaches in Mallorca for disabled people are actually all able, but still we have got a quite high number of

all fine working beaches for disabled people who wish to spend their holidays in Mallorca during the summer.

The Cala Major beach is very near to the Marivent Palace, the spanish holiday version of the Buckingham Palace of it’s Majesty the Queen of the Reptilians and England. You

will not find here princess Leticia doing topless, but you will probably find a lot of other women, wich are better and younger, doing topless in Mallorca. Wich, as long as you are not

handicapped in your cock, you will surely enjoy. Believe me. So don’t forget your DSLR camera and your good & expensive zoom lense to get all of those nipples.

Life has removed from us a part of our body. Let’s us remove our trauma with nice looking girls.

You will be available to access this beach by bus. Using the local urban bus of the center of the city of Palma in case you are staying in a hotel with disabled access in Mallorca. Remember to ask your Hotel if they know any place to rent wheelchairs in Mallorca, they sure must do!

accessible beaches

Majorca beaches with disabled acces

While there are many beaches in Mallorca, -obviously- we are surrounded by them, but for many of us are so inaccessible as for the handicapped supposedly accessible beaches are, well, inaccessible. Let me explain you this strange mix of confusing words. When you walk up to a cliff and see a wonderful beach down there… that’s it. You can’t go further down. It doesn’t matter if you have two legs, two pair of them, or if your legs are made of steel like Robocop’s ones. If you don’t know how to fly, you will fall down.

Same things happen still nowadays to handicapped tourists who, try to access a beach that is supposedly 100% accessible for them.

There are a total of 64 beaches that are officially listed as disabled beaches in Mallorca. 100% accessible-supposedly but the fact of calling a beach 100% disabled free facilities, has nothing to do with just saying that by having a crappy ramp and a parking space for 500 bathers, that beach is perfect for the handicapped tourists.

Since we know how hard is to find information regarding beaches accessible to disabled and handicapped people. From now on we are going to create a few weekly articles with good recommendations in order for you to enjoy your vacations in this beautiful island without having to suffer stress while you are just trying to be able to lay down in the sand and sun like everybody else.

Beaches without stairs, goat paths free, or steep slopes. On your next vacation to the island you will only have to worry on how to  rent a wheelchair in Mallorca with us, RentExpress.