pushchairs in Majorca

Baby travel equipment

Mallorca is a beautiful island where you can enjoy your holidays, from its beaches to its mountains, they offer huge possibilities of activities and fun, anyways, when it is about traveling with family we can encounter some inconvinients; like per example not being able to carry our baby car, or the baby car seat. It is not a secret that traveling with our family might become a huge expense, and having to carry a baby car with you is something that not everyone can afford, costing sometimes the same amount of money than the plane tickets for both of the parents. And, even if you don’t have any money issues and can afford paying for the extra cost of your baby car transportation, let’s face it, it is not worth the risk. You might get your precious baby car broken because of some crazy lazy airport handler / luggage worker.

But, does this mean that there is no practical way of traveling with a small child and bring his baby car in the plane? Well, not at all. I mean, you don’t even have to worry about all the plane / airline rules for baby carts. You can rent pushchairs in Mallorca!

Rentexpress Mallorca offers a great amount of baby cars in Mallorca, baby seats for the car, and all kind of equipment that you little boy or girl might need and benefit of while your family vacations in Mallorca island. For a very lowcost price, you can enjoy your holidays down here without having to worry about paying the extra cost of transportation, or having that baby car that your baby got for his 3rd birthday from his grandmother getting smashed by a clumsy luggage ground operator.

It doesn’t matter if you are on holidays for a short amount of time, a week, or a whole summer (lucky you) Rentexpress Mallorca will satisfy all your pushchairs in Majorca needs.

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