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Cala Major

Cala Major beach handicapped disabled access beach in Mallorca wheelchair free.

The Cala Major beach in Mallorca is one of those 64 beaches listed on the handicap disabled beaches in Mallorca, or at least friendly for those who are per example in need of a wheelchair in Mallorca. Beaches that are available to access with a wheelchair.

It is a shame that still nowadays not all beaches in Mallorca for disabled people are actually all able, but still we have got a quite high number of

all fine working beaches for disabled people who wish to spend their holidays in Mallorca during the summer.

The Cala Major beach is very near to the Marivent Palace, the spanish holiday version of the Buckingham Palace of it’s Majesty the Queen of the Reptilians and England. You

will not find here princess Leticia doing topless, but you will probably find a lot of other women, wich are better and younger, doing topless in Mallorca. Wich, as long as you are not

handicapped in your cock, you will surely enjoy. Believe me. So don’t forget your DSLR camera and your good & expensive zoom lense to get all of those nipples.

Life has removed from us a part of our body. Let’s us remove our trauma with nice looking girls.

You will be available to access this beach by bus. Using the local urban bus of the center of the city of Palma in case you are staying in a hotel with disabled access in Mallorca. Remember to ask your Hotel if they know any place to rent wheelchairs in Mallorca, they sure must do!

Mallorca – tourism promotion video

Today I am here to show you one of the most amazing videos I have found on the net about Majorca Island. Filmed officially by the Balearic tourism office, it shows the most amazing parts of the island. And the best thing is that they are all real. No special effects, no tricks, no make up at all (well, the one used for that marvelous bikini babe highlighted at the end of the video, tight!)

It is the best video of Majorca, absolutely the best one for those who only think of Majorca like some warm place to come in summer for a week and get wasted all night long, and all day long resting in the beach, still wasted. Yes, we have a lot of beautiful beaches, but c’mon, Majorca is not only about laying down in the beach until your skin looks like the one of a crab.

The video shows us how we can enjoy Majorca much more than having our coloured wristband from the Hotel where we get free and cheap as hell buzz. The video is divided in four parts, two of wich we are going to speak @ this article. Nature, the first of them. Explore trekking in Mallorca, beautiful places we’ve got. Explore cycling too, use the road or go off road with a Mountain Bike. Go to the Mallorca mountains in the interior, don’t forget to check out the amazing Sierra de Tramuntana. Even go scuba diving in our beaches, North, East or West, it doesn’t matter wich one of them you choose, because all of them are amazingly beautiful, from the outside, and from the inside deep down the water.


Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas is filmed in Majorca

I am sure that maybe because of the title of this article you might have thought that you have been confused when entering this blog. Have I entered a blog about cinema and movie reviews or film critics? Well, not exactly right? I mean, telling that you might have thought so is actually kind of stupid, since somehow it seems that I am telling you that you are stupid yourself. I mean, look @ the top of this article, or down, or left and right, you might see pictures related to Palma de Majorca, plus, @ the top part of this webpage you will find the url of the site wich actually says something about this lovely mediterranean island from where I am writing you right now. You are indeed on a blog about Mallorca Island in Spain, and not a cinema one.

But you might have seen the film Cloud Atlas in the theatres, that is right too, right? And even if they didn’t really make it this year at the Oscars 2013 ceremony in L.A last month of February, the movie is directed by the Wachowski brothers (before two brothers, now one brother and one pseudo sister). Yeah, you might know them because they are the same directors who made the famous Matrix 1 movie and the next Matrix 2 and part 3 infamous movies. But this film also has stars starring such as the incredible Tom Hanks, and the more incredible (sexy) Halle Berry.

Well, why the hell am I telling you all this if we made clear this is a Mallorca blog? Because as you might not know once again, Cloud Atlas is filmed in Palma de Majorca. Amazing, isn’t?