Pollença Beaches

– Beach of Cala Pi de la Posada:
Or perhaps you have heard the name as La Playa de Formentor. Nickname given ‘because’ the incredible luxury hotel with the same name, the Hotel de Formentor. That, incidentally, recommended if you want a hotel and do not come to the island with mode lowcost enabled. Beware with establishments near the beach, see bars, cafes and restaurants. Look closely before the prices or you will get surprised of the prices of 3 Coke’s. Many places have prices to match the hotel. Find the bars “for normal people” (or pockets). If you like surfing (or if you like but have never been able to practice or thought that you would not be able to stay afloat) have the opportunity now to do with the surf school that you will find in Cala Pi. For all levels.

Beach of Cala Pi de la Posada

– Beach of Pollença
If you want to relax and get lost taking walks along beaches that seem to never end, the beach of Pollença is the best recommendation I can give you for your holiday in Mallorca. During the day is usually filled with people confirming my recommendation, but it’s still 100% enjoyable. When everyone leaves at night, when there are only maybe 2 couples strolling and 4 golden fishing fishermen, that’s when the beach becomes especially magical. Miles of sand and the sound of the sea just for you. A romantic stroll, alone or with someone.

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Cala Tuent

Cala Tuent Mallorca

Also, in the north of the island you will find another of the best beaches in Mallorca. This time the recommended beach is called Cala Tuent. Famous for its beach just by the nature that surrounds this. Surrounded by native vegetation, if, in addition to you holiday in Mallorca is an adventure besides bathing, beach and sun, Cala Tuent is of your best options in the island.
After enjoying the blue and green waters of this cove, do not dry them with the towel and just go walk to either side without any impediment and start your small hiking trail for Mallorca.
In addition, the beach is very close to the most famous still SaCalobra, and Pareis Torrent, this latter area preferred by all practitioners of hiking in Mallorca.

Rent a Scooter in Mallorca

The bay of Cala Tuent is also ideal for diving. Do not worry, i do not speak of diving that requires money, equipment, experience, or have a good physique to not look ridicule sheathed in neoprene, but do not forget to buy a simple mask/goggles in any sport shop . A few meters from the shore you’ll enjoy an incredible underwater views without having to “dive” for real.

Many small of boats are arriving from all parts of the island to enjoy a summer day at Cala Tuent, many of them from the beautiful port of Soller (do not forget to visit)
This beach of Mallorca also has its own restaurant tucked into the tops of the surrounding hills.


Visit the Palma Cathedral

List of things to do in Mallorca, free things to do.

Today we have got something very special, a list of free things to do in Mallorca, yeah you have heard right! Absolutely free things to do in Mallorca and actually enjoy them.

1. Visit the Palma Cathedral

Okay, maybe not the most amazing thing to do if you are a youngster or part of the satanic church back in England, but hey, it is still free and it is still an amazing thing to check out with your eyes. It is an amazing building, and even if you are a weird gothic you should check it out, since the church is build in gothic styles anyways.

 Visit the Palma Cathedral

2. Walk around the center of the city

And Old town Palma is beautiful, it looks like certain streets from the old victorian London days. Don’t forget to bring a camera and also a map, or you will get lost inside the creepy streets of old town Palma.

3. Mallorca beach at night

Because the beach is not only a day thing. Walking through the cold sand at night is a beautiful experience. You, the moon, and hopefully someone you love by your side. And if you are alone, don’t worry, you will maybe find a few people practicing dogging in Mallorca at night.

4. Eat for free in a supermarket

And I don’t mean go to those who might have a stand with a free food demo, but just go inside any of them, open a chocolate bar, eat it, leave it, or keep it. If you are foreigner nobody will bother in reporting you to the police, even if they catch you.



At this point you all should know that you can actually hire a pushchair in Mallorca for cheap, I mean, really cheap. At this point you should also know that you can also bring your pushchair from wherever you are flying from, wich in most of the cases it is cost free and you do not have to pay nothing extra to the airliner in order for them to allow you have your much needed baby transportation in the bottom of their plane, wich is actually never full and there is space enough for them to carry a big bunch of them, in case that there are lot families and parents flying aboard going abroad on their holidays to Mallorca or wherever.

But you know, if you do fly with some cheap airliner wich offers you very cheap flights to Mallorca, then well, you might have to pay for it. And that is the point when it does not really come in handy for you to actually pay that faire and having the risk of getting your pushchair lost in transit, or you actually get it completely broken and then you are screwed for your holidays. Were, you are not screwed for your holidays because you can always rent a pushchair in Mallorca,  and for a very very low price, the same price that you would have payed for a can of coke in the air while flying with and airline. That is a lot for 24cl of sparkling liquid, but it is nothing for you to rent a pushchair in Mallorca.

Mallorca hotel

List of Hotels in Mallorca with wheelchair access

We are here today in order to present you a list that we will call the Mallorca Hotel Guide with wheelchair access and the handicapped tourists flying to the island, in general.

A complete list of absolutely all Mallorca Hotels with wheelchair access for their guests tourists. Hotels that have a safe and clear access for all the handicapped users of their instalations.

A Mallorca Hotel Guide that we will part in two parts, so we can divide it in two separate type of Mallorca Hotels lists. It will not be a guide featuring the best placed Hotels in Mallorca, since more or less every hotel with wheelchair access in Mallorca (or not) is well located. But a list that will show the best hotels in Mallorca, in value and general customer reviews and opinion, wich can vary from a lot of stuff. Cheap, location, good food, good pool, topless tourists in the pool area, or even their own wheelchair rental in Mallorca. This will be the list we will featuring today. The second list will be a Mallorca Hotel Guide in terms of cheap fares. But of course, also Hotels with wheelchair access:

Hotel Eolo

Hotel Beverly Playa

Aparthotel La Pérgola

Mirabó De Valldemossa

Hotel Hospes Maricel & Spa

Hotel L’Avenida

Aparthotel Diamant

L’Hostal Hotel D’Interior

Monnaber Nou

Puro Hotel

Hotel Diamant

Hostal Pinar

Optimal Cap Vermell Beach Hotel

Mediterranean Bay -Only Adults-

Mac Garonda – Adults Only

Residencia Son Floriana

Hotel Can Tem

Meliá Palas Atenea

Hotel Costa Azul

Hotel Bendinat

Hotel Globales Pionero

Sa Pedrissa

Gran Melia Victoria

Hotel Armadams

Marina Luz – Adults Only –


Estrella-Coral De Mar Resort Spa & Wellness

Aparthotel Aquasol

Viva Tropic

Js Cape Colom – Adults Only

Posada Del Marques

THB El Cid****Class

Apartamentos Cala Pi Club

Hotel Los Geranios

Apartamentos Martha´S

TRYP Palma Hotel

Hotel Juma

Aucanada Club

HM Jaime I I I

Hotel Araxa

Riu Palace Bonanza Playa

Prinsotel La Dorada

Apartamentos Don Miguel

Apartotel Ponent Mar

Pollentia Club Resort

Can Cera Hotel

Apartamentos Sureda

Hotel Feliz

Sol Cala Blanca – Adults Only –

Hotel Flamboyan-Caribe

L’Hermitatge Hotel And Spa

Hotel La Vila

Hotel Helios Mallorca

Hotel Saratoga

Hotel Apartamentos Vistasol

TRYP Palma Bellver Hotel

Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa

Pollensa Park & Spa

Hotel Segles

Grupotel Valparaiso Palace & Spa

Son Brull

Sercotel Hotel Zurbaran

Grupotel Orient

Aparthotel Alcudia Garden

Hotel Hispania

Sercotel Hotel Dali

Hotel Rocamar

Hotel Dor

TRYP Palma Bosque Hotel

Ola Apartamentos Es Ravells D’Or

Hotel Nixe Palace

Hotel Marina Portals

Hotel Diamant Junior

Aparthotel Fontanellas Playa

Hotel Amoros

Dalt Murada

Europe Playa Marina

Son Caliu Hotel Spa-Oasis

Palma Bay Club Resort

HM Gran Fiesta

Sol Trinidad

Hotel Sol De Mallorca

Hostal Apuntadores

Ca’N Abril

Hotel Zhero

UR Palacio Avenida – Adults Only –

Js Sol De Alcudia

Hotel Can Moragues

Apartamentos Roc Portonova

Amic Hotel Horizonte

Marina Torrenova

Viva Blue

Ferrer Maristany

Hotel Bella Playa & Spa

Catalonia Majorica

TRH Jardin Del Mar

Hotel Citric Soller

Hotel Mar I Vent

Hotel Bahia Del Sol.

Cala Major

Cala Major beach handicapped disabled access beach in Mallorca wheelchair free.

The Cala Major beach in Mallorca is one of those 64 beaches listed on the handicap disabled beaches in Mallorca, or at least friendly for those who are per example in need of a wheelchair in Mallorca. Beaches that are available to access with a wheelchair.

It is a shame that still nowadays not all beaches in Mallorca for disabled people are actually all able, but still we have got a quite high number of

all fine working beaches for disabled people who wish to spend their holidays in Mallorca during the summer.

The Cala Major beach is very near to the Marivent Palace, the spanish holiday version of the Buckingham Palace of it’s Majesty the Queen of the Reptilians and England. You

will not find here princess Leticia doing topless, but you will probably find a lot of other women, wich are better and younger, doing topless in Mallorca. Wich, as long as you are not

handicapped in your cock, you will surely enjoy. Believe me. So don’t forget your DSLR camera and your good & expensive zoom lense to get all of those nipples.

Life has removed from us a part of our body. Let’s us remove our trauma with nice looking girls.

You will be available to access this beach by bus. Using the local urban bus of the center of the city of Palma in case you are staying in a hotel with disabled access in Mallorca. Remember to ask your Hotel if they know any place to rent wheelchairs in Mallorca, they sure must do!

Mallorca – tourism promotion video



Today I am here to show you one of the most amazing videos I have found on the net about Majorca Island. Filmed officially by the Balearic tourism office, it shows the most amazing parts of the island. And the best thing is that they are all real. No special effects, no tricks, no make up at all (well, the one used for that marvelous bikini babe highlighted at the end of the video, tight!)

It is the best video of Majorca, absolutely the best one for those who only think of Majorca like some warm place to come in summer for a week and get wasted all night long, and all day long resting in the beach, still wasted. Yes, we have a lot of beautiful beaches, but c’mon, Majorca is not only about laying down in the beach until your skin looks like the one of a crab.

The video shows us how we can enjoy Majorca much more than having our coloured wristband from the Hotel where we get free and cheap as hell buzz. The video is divided in four parts, two of wich we are going to speak @ this article. Nature, the first of them. Explore trekking in Mallorca, beautiful places we’ve got. Explore cycling too, use the road or go off road with a Mountain Bike. Go to the Mallorca mountains in the interior, don’t forget to check out the amazing Sierra de Tramuntana. Even go scuba diving in our beaches, North, East or West, it doesn’t matter wich one of them you choose, because all of them are amazingly beautiful, from the outside, and from the inside deep down the water.


Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas is filmed in Majorca

I am sure that maybe because of the title of this article you might have thought that you have been confused when entering this blog. Have I entered a blog about cinema and movie reviews or film critics? Well, not exactly right? I mean, telling that you might have thought so is actually kind of stupid, since somehow it seems that I am telling you that you are stupid yourself. I mean, look @ the top of this article, or down, or left and right, you might see pictures related to Palma de Majorca, plus, @ the top part of this webpage you will find the url of the site wich actually says something about this lovely mediterranean island from where I am writing you right now. You are indeed on a blog about Mallorca Island in Spain, and not a cinema one.

But you might have seen the film Cloud Atlas in the theatres, that is right too, right? And even if they didn’t really make it this year at the Oscars 2013 ceremony in L.A last month of February, the movie is directed by the Wachowski brothers (before two brothers, now one brother and one pseudo sister). Yeah, you might know them because they are the same directors who made the famous Matrix 1 movie and the next Matrix 2 and part 3 infamous movies. But this film also has stars starring such as the incredible Tom Hanks, and the more incredible (sexy) Halle Berry.

Well, why the hell am I telling you all this if we made clear this is a Mallorca blog? Because as you might not know once again, Cloud Atlas is filmed in Palma de Majorca. Amazing, isn’t?

Market of Sineu

Markets of Mallorca, Sineu

Sincerely for coming to Mallorca either in first class with Lufthansa, having your rented mercedes  waiting for your in the Airport to go to your farm or villa in Mallorca for later in the afternoon play your first game of golf. Or be the guy that search in Internet for a cheap flights from Germany to Mallorca and on arrival you get on a bus to the Arenal and do not leave there until they have to take you to the hospital for an overdose of sangria and cheap beer…  Either the kind of tourist you are, come to the island and not visit one of the famous traditional markets, is a sin.
Is the same that go to Tokyo and not bother to visit their most characteristic streets or places, or like going to Paris and yes, see the Eiffel Tower but not bothering to find out what “truly Parisian” right? I mean, yes, the Eiffel is ok, but is not even truly French.
So please, make them yourselves a favor and when you are in Mallorca VISIT the typical Mallorcan markets.
The Sineu Market, that you will not only enjoyfor its culture, shopping, and photography, you will also enjoy the small things, and that is the only market that still in Mallorca that offers the sale of live animals. And although it is more likely that these end up brutally slaughtered to become baked chicken, your children wouldn’t know. And the only thing that they will do is thank you for take them to a place where, while you looked and bought, was not the first time they were bored (touching the animals).
You will also enjoy the traditional shoes of Mallorca, Mallorca’s famous handbags those that appear to be made of “straw”, handwoven clothing, and all kinds of prepared foods for snacks there or to take home as souvenirs, from olives, sausages, sweet buns, wine … Every Wednesday.


The Brut Cava Real de Aragon comes directly imported from the historic landmarks of the kingdom of Aragon from Spain’s old days. More specifically from their underground sparkling wine cellars at the legendary vineyards of The Langa. Expert leaders of Aragon’s and Catalunyas cava. There are no better cavas on those lands than the ones produced by Bodegas Langa.

One of the best sparkling wines that come out from spanish borders, without a doubt. Professionals have rated this cava with notes up to 95 points over a 100 points escale. And, seriously, on this range of price   you will most def ain’t find better cava than this one. Real de Aragon Brut. Amazingly good.

It’s colour is like the one of the white gold, just like a liquid jewel, without a doubt. It’s flavour is light, very light. But that is not bad, that is good. It turns out to be very soft in the mouth, very mellow and surprisingly good in taste. You should beware with this cave, since its flavour is so light and at the same time so good, most likely you might come to the point where you end up dizzy. Its so good and refreshing, also, soft tasting, that you will end up not being able to tell when you had enough. It just goes along as an amazing white fruit natural juice. So sweet and delicious you will get drunk without even noticing it. Believe me.

Serve extremely cold. All cavas should be so, but this one in particular much more. Enjoy.